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Modern LASIK eye surgery and vision correction



LASIK FOR ALL  We’re not your typical LASIK clinic, and that’s how we like it. Total transparency is our mission: from our spacious glass-walled surgery suite to straightforward pricing listed right on our website. Our LASIK and PRK is always custom and all-laser with the latest and greatest tech. Our advanced equipment maps out the unique anatomy of your eyes and allows Dr. Sharpe to tailor the procedure to you, giving you the best results.

WE’RE OVER ACCOMPLISHED, NOT OVERPRICED  We believe that everyone should have access to the best technology at a fair price and in a modern environment. Whether you are interested in LASIK/PRK, ICL, or CATARACT surgery, you can know what you will pay before your consult. No surprises. Just check out our LASIK COST CALCULATOR page. We also offer guaranteed financing, if that’s more your style.

PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE  We invite you to look at our competitors in the Seattle-Bellevue area, because having a good feeling about your surgery team is important. We believe that we give our patients the best experience at the best price, but if you happen to find a better price somewhere else, you can still have the SharpeVision experience with our Price Match Guarantee. Just bring in your exam paperwork with the quoted price, and we’ll match it. It’s that simple. So when you’re ready, we’ve made it easy for you to book your free consultation online, but we’d also love an old fashioned phone call. We’ll see you soon.


The most common eye surgeries we perform in Seattle-Bellevue:


ONLY CUSTOM ALL-LASER LASIK. No blades here! We love tech and only use the latest and greatest for mapping your eyes using advanced topography and tomography equipment and the fastest femtosecond lasers in our closed HEPA surgery suite. All these advances mean that around 90% of the patients we see are good candidates for LASIK. If you've been told that you couldn't have LASIK in the past, you may be a candidate now.


ONLY CUSTOM ALL-LASER PRK. Photo-Refractive Keratectomy (PRK) is a better procedure for about 10% of our patients due to the anatomy of their eyes or their vocation. Instead of creating a corneal flap like LASIK, a thin layer of the cornea is removed with the laser. This makes for a little longer healing time, about a week, for the tissue to grow back. During that time you'll wear a clear bandage contact lens to promote healing. But no worries, it's still an all-laser technique with results identical to LASIK.

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"Not only am I thrilled with the results, I also have to mention how professional and friendly the staff is. Dr. Sharpe is very attentive and is there through the procedure, explaining each step as it occurs. Can't recommend this place enough!"


"I had a wonderful experience getting LASIK at SharpeVision. The facility is beautiful, clean and bright. The staff is on top of their game and very welcoming. The surgical staff made me feel relaxed, educated and at ease from the consultation, throughout the surgery and the post-op appointments. The best part? I walked away with 20/15 vision, I feel like a superhero! Thank you Dr.Sharpe and staff for such a rewarding experience! I will recommend your practice to anyone I know considering Lasik."


"I "shopped" two different LASIK clinics, and chose SharpeVision easily over the other. The facility is clean and comfortable; the staff is friendly and helpful; the process is simple and painless (literally!). Dr. Sharpe is very focused and patient. He answered all my questions, put my mind at ease, and inspired much confidence. A month after surgery and I'm seeing better than 20/15. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone."


"I had my lasik surgery about a month ago and it was great. my experience here was absolutely fantastic. the staff answered all my questions about what would happen, and Dr. Sharpe walked me through everything I would experience as it happened. It has been pretty incredible to not be dependent on glasses or contacts this last month! I can't believe I didn't get lasik sooner. Highly recommend SharpeVision."

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