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Purpose. It’s what we want to give you. Because we understand that it’s all of us together, working to our highest potential, that allows us to change patients’ lives. If you’d like to be a part of what we do, email your resumé to Please specify your desired position and the city location you are interested in. As always, SharpeVision is an equal opportunity employer.

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“Working at SharpeVision has been an experience unlike any other. The work environment is positive, and your co-workers become like family. The company takes care of their employees and genuinely cares about them. SharpeVision has by far been the best employer I’ve had-hands down! I highly recommend this company!”


Irene- Assistant Center Director — Chicago Team

“Becoming a Technician at SharpeVision was a wonderful choice. It has really Sharpened my views on what I can achieve as a person and as an employee. The teams we have are like a family, and we each bring new diverse culture and knowledge to the workspace.” 

Daniel-Ophthalmic Technician — Bellevue Team

“There’s always room for improvements and learning experiences here at SharpeVision. As a Technician, I get to meet new people every day and make sure they get the care they need to have LASIK or one of our other procedures, and by the end, they leave with a happy smile. And so do I!”

Daniel-Ophthalmic Technician — Bellevue Team

“I love working at SharpeVision Modern Cataract mostly because of my amazing co-workers! We always have a great time together whether we’re at the office or hanging out outside of work. I have learned so much just from working alongside all the talented people that make up our staff. What a great team to be a part of!”



Anna- Ophthalmic Technician — Bellevue Team

“I enjoy being a tech because I love being part of the patient’s work-up process, where I get to build rapport with them. I also enjoy being in the O.R. and interacting with patients before they get “Sharpe” vision and being at the one day and one month post-op and seeing how happy they are.”


Alexis- Ophthalmic Technician — Chicago Team

“At SharpeVision, we are patient focused instead of most places where they are more of a revolving door. I also feel like we have a little family, and that is important to me.  I enjoy working where you feel important and your role is vital to keep the flow going. SharpeVision is honestly the best work place I’ve ever worked in.

Alexis- Ophthalmic Technician — Chicago Team


“I’ve worked in Ophthalmology for over 15 years, and the last 7 with SharpeVision have been the most rewarding. SharpeVision’s commitment to excellence has propelled me to want to be my best at all times.”


Rocky- Surgical Technician — Austin Team

I’ve worked in ophthalmology for 25 years, and I’ve worked in multiple subspecialties and capacities in that span of time.  SharpeVision is by far my favorite!”

Melissa- Surgical Technician — Austin Team

“Like me, SharpeVision is committed and dedicated to excellence in patient care. I can come to work every day and do what I love. I think we each genuinely LOVE what we do, and it makes a huge difference in our workplace environment and team morale.”


Melissa- Surgical Technician — Austin Team

“SharpeVision is beyond a company to me; it has become my family. Working alongside my team has granted me the opportunity to gain knowledge about corrective eye surgery to serve our patients better. 


McKenzie- Ophthalmic Technician — Austin Team

“Being a part of a company committed to being genuine and authentic while having a positive impact on our patients is the ultimate reward! I am so grateful to be a part of something bigger than me with SharpeVision!” 

McKenzie- Ophthalmic Technician — Austin Team

“Seeing people and how their lives’ are changed because of what we do is the most rewarding thing to witness. My team at SharpeVision has taught me that hard work beats anything.”


Joebel- Ophthalmic Technician — Austin Team

“It’s been 20+ years working in Ophthalmology wearing different hats and developing the business side. Working at SharpeVision has enabled me to diversify my passion and serve patients in the front lines. I enjoy the SharpeVision way and culture of being genuine and authentic.”


Jesse- Center Director — Austin Team

“Meeting new patients every day and improving their lives by helping them to see clearly is such a rewarding experience! The entire team at SharpeVision Austin shares my passion for excellence in patient care and makes working here a complete joy.”


Jenna Blechman, OD- Optometrist — Austin Team

“I love going to work every day at SharpeVision. I work with an amazingly kind, focused, and competent team that makes work fun. Seeing the joy on my patient’s faces when they realize they can see without glasses is extremely rewarding. “



Nicholas Lancaster, M.D.- Refractive Surgeon — Austin Team

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