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We offer custom vision correction solutions for each patient that we meet. By having advanced vision correction technology and among the United States’ most experienced surgeons, we are not a one-solution-fits-all clinic. Whether it is LASIK, PRK, EVO ICL™, RLE or custom laser Cataract removal, we have the experience and technology that gives you the freedom you desire. You get the best price combined with the best experience, giving you a new view and a new outlook. So when you leave here, you’ll be looking at things differently. You’ll be looking SHARPE

  • Only All-Laser

    We understand how important good vision is for living life to the fullest, no matter your age. Therefore, we offer a range of laser vision correction services to address the most common eyesight issues people face. When you come to us, you aren’t just a patient at a LASIK corporation; you are getting access to the best possible solutions for poor eyesight throughout your lifetime. Because one size does not fit all when it comes to your eyes!

  • Top Technology

    We use the newest technology available, which helps minimize risks, increase the number of people who can have vision correction procedures, & make it more affordable for our patients. At SHARPEVISION, we only do all-laser LASIK & vision correction procedures because it is safer, faster & better for you!

  • Transparent Pricing

    We’re over accomplished, not overpriced. SHARPEVISION may be the first provider to list some of our prices right on our website. And no hidden fees! We are committed to vision correction for ALL & offer our services for a fair price & have a price-match guarantee. If you happen to find a better price elsewhere, we will match it. See our pricing page. You’ll get the SHARPEVISION experience & results for the best price. It’s a no-brainer.

  • Surgeon Owned

    When considering vision correction surgery, the LASIK provider you choose can make a big difference in the types of outcomes you can expect. At SHARPEVISION MODERN LASIK & LENS, we have put together a team of refractive surgery specialists who run their clinics based on what is best for their patients, not the boardroom, to give you peace of mind & confidence that the procedure will go smoothly. No quotas here!


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Modern Vision Correction

Goodbye glasses! SHARPEVISION is bringing custom all-laser LASIK, PRK & EVO ICL™ paired with the most modern technology and techniques to everyone. Improve your vision & your life with less risk, less expense & in less time than ever before. Welcome to the future of vision!

Our Procedures Include:


Custom All-Laser Vision Correction


Custom All-Laser Vision Correction for Thin Corneas


Most Advanced Implantable Contact Lens Technology with EVO


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We take pride in offering the latest, proven vision correction procedures without cutting corners. We never use a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether your best vision will be achieved through all-laser LASIK, PRK, EVO ICL™ or any other vision correction procedure, you can rest assured you will find it- and all for the best price- at SHARPEVISION.

  • What is a LASIK Vision Center?

    LASIK is a type of refractive eye surgery which can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness & astigmatism. Extremely safe and fast, the procedure requires complex technologyexperienced refractive surgeons, which is why it is usually performed in a LASIK vision center, such as SHARPEVISION MODERN LASIK & LENS.

    The main reasons why so many people choose to get their surgery in a LASIK vision correction center is experience & convenience. When getting LASIK eye care in a specialized facility, you ensure consistent, reliable processes & results with minimal downtime after the procedure.

  • 90% of people can have LASIK

    For many people, the ability to forgo wearing glasses or contact lenses, or at least significantly improving their eyesight, is a proposition too good to pass up. In fact, hundreds of thousands of patients turn to LASIK eye doctors every year to improve their vision & quality of life.

    Over 90% of people are suitable candidates for LASIK, especially in clinics like SHARPEVISION, where the experience of the surgeons means better results & our extremely precise femtosecond laser allows for a faster, safer & more comfortable creation of the LASIK flap. 


  • More than just LASIK

    How do you know which procedure is right for you? Our doctors will guide you through a comprehensive vision correction consultation including a thorough eye exam using equipment specific to refractive surgery, providing you with an accurate assessment of your vision & eye anatomy. They will make surgery recommendations based on these results & your lifestyle, for your best path forward.

    All the procedures we offer – LASIK, PRK, EVO ICL™, RLE & Cataract Removal- are custom & all-laser, which means increased safety & faster procedures; Both critical factors for successful results.

    In our Seattle-Bellevue location, we can help you stay on top of your eye health using new dry eye technology to treat this issue effectively.


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Our patients are our Vision statement


My experience with LASIK at SharpeVision couldn’t have been better! The staff were so kind and constantly made sure I felt comfortable and all my questions were answered. Thanks for my new eyes!

William S — Chicago

If you are considering LASIK, I highly recommend SharpeVision Modern LASIK, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!

Sam — Chicago

The whole process from the consultation to the post-operation appointment have been smooth and helpful. The office is welcoming, warm and an overall great environment.

Paulina — Chicago

The whole process was smooth and efficient and pleasant from the first call to the check up a month after the procedure. Love the lifetime guarantee as well.

Laura — Austin

SharpeVision provided me the best once-of-a-lifetime experience. Their staff is super friendly and I never once felt unwelcome. I totally recommend these guys.

Jonah — Austin

I highly recommend SharpeVision to anyone sick of glasses and contacts.

Jon — Chicago

From start to finish SharpeVision was professional, kind, informative, and beyond expectations. The staff is amazing and the doctors are incredibly knowledgeable.

Jillian — Austin

Everyone on staff is so helpful and professional and kind. I would recommend SharpeVision to anyone I know.

James V — Chicago

I literally said to Dr. Lancaster “That was it? THAT WAS IT?” I could see immediately after, and now I’m seeing better than 20/20.

Doug O — Chicago

Had a wonderful experience here for LASIK! Will be highly recommending it to all friends and family who are considering! Dr. Lancaster was phenomenal!

Conrad S — Austin

Candidate Quiz

Are you a LASIK Candidate?

The majority of people who fall into Milestone 01 are good candidates for LASIK surgery. However, there are some conditions that exclude certain patients. Take our quiz to see if LASIK is right for you, and if it’s not, which procedure is!

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MODERN Vision Correction: WHAT TO EXPECT

Vision Correction Exam & Consultation

A comprehensive vision correction examination is the only way to know which vision correction procedure is best for you. We do this at no charge at SHARPEVISION because we believe so strongly in giving patients all the information necessary to make the right treatment choice. We will only recommend a procedure that is medically appropriate for your unique eyes & many times there are more than one option.*Note: Cataract consultations only are billed to your insurance and may require a co-pay at your appointment.

While your exam involves complex diagnostic testing, it is also our opportunity to learn more about you, your expectations & your lifestyle. All of these factors play an important role in recommending the best procedure for you. Your visit will also include dilation of your pupils which will affect your eyesight for about 4-6 hours, as you may have experienced with a routine eye exam.

The complete consultation and exam can take up to 90 minutes. After all your data is first collected by your technician in our specialized diagnostic rooms, the doctor will continue with a full eye exam & consultation, discuss your procedure recommendation(s) & answer any questions you may have about the procedure. You can have family or friends join you during your consultation, if you wish. Questions concerning pricing, insurance, scheduling & pre-op instructions will also be discussed, all in the comfort of your private exam room.

Lasik Alternatives

What If I’m not a good LASIK Candidate?

If you happen to fall into that small percentage of patients for whom LASIK is not the best option, there is still hope for great vision! You can still get rid of your glasses and contacts with other advanced laser vision correction techniques. Vision correction for all!


Just like LASIK, but with a twist. Best for those with thinner corneas.



Involves one eye corrected for distance vision and the other corrected for near vision using all-laser LASIK or PRK.


Implantable Contact Lenses

A micro-thin EVO ICL placed inside the eye to correct a variety of vision problems. Good for medium to high prescriptions and those with or worried about dry eyes.


Refractive Lens Exchange

No readers now and no Cataract surgery later. It’s a win-win!


Cataract Removal Surgery

Laser-asssisted removal of your cloudy lens & replacement with a new custom lens. See like you did when you were young!


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World-Class Vision Specialists

It’s not just our experience and our patients’ results, it’s our culture. We are on a mission to make glasses & contacts a thing of the past!

About SharpeVision

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Our Clients Are Our Vision Statement

Because anyone can be affected by poor vision, we get to help people from all walks of life & hear some amazing stories along the way.

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Success Stories — Geena Urango

Since getting LASIK, I feel like I can see and track the ball better than I ever had before on the beach volleyball court.

Read Geena’s Story

Success Stories — Brad Simms

20/15 day after LASIK- unbelievable!

Read Brad’s Story

Success Stories — Kiliii Yüyan

Having the freedom to travel anywhere in the world to cover a story and not worry about bringing enough contacts.

Read Kiliii’s Story

Success Stories — Missy Truscott

Now I can see clearly and appreciate the little things I didn’t see before.

Read Missy’s Story

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Our surgeons have had the privilege of treating a wide range of professional athletes, coaches, & trainers. We are honored to partner with & support our local teams & humbled that the players & staff trust us with their vision.

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