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We’re changing how you see the world by restoring your vision using the latest in laser technology & customized procedures. All for a fair price. And in our new state-of-the-art clinic & surgery suite!

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Our Procedures

MODERN Vision Correction

Goodbye glasses! SHARPEVISION is bringing custom all-laser procedures paired with the most modern technology & techniques to everyone. Improve your vision & your life with less risk, less expense & in less time than contact lenses.

Our Procedures Include


Custom All-Laser Vision Correction


Custom All-Laser Vision Correction with a Twist


Advanced Vision Correction Lens Insertion

About Bellevue LASIK

LASIK eye surgery Seattle

Welcome to the future of LASIK

Is LASIK right for you? In most cases, yes! While not everyone can safely have laser vision correction, about 90% of the patients we see are great candidates for LASIK. And because we utilize the latest techniques and newest technology, we’re able to treat many patients who weren’t candidates in the past. So, if you’ve been told that you aren’t a candidate for LASIK or vision correction surgery, you most likely could be now at SHARPEVISION.

All Laser LASIK. Always.

We’re not your typical LASIK provider in Seattle-Bellevue. Total transparency is our mission. We don’t have corporate shareholders. We don’t have quotas. We only do custom all-laser vision correction surgery with the latest and greatest tech. This means that Dr. Sharpe can tailor the procedure specifically to your unique eyes, giving you the best possible result.

Over Accomplished, Not Overpriced.

We believe that everyone should have access to the best technology at a fair price and in an inspiring environment. Whether you are interested in LASIK, PRK, or EVO ICL, you can know you are getting the best value possible because our pricing is transparent with no hidden fees. Check out our Cost Calculator to see how much vision correction can save you vs. contacts and glasses. We also offer guaranteed in-house financing for easy monthly payments.

Price Match Guarantee

We believe that we give our patients the best experience at the best price, but if you happen to find a better price somewhere else, you can still have the SHARPEVISION experience! Just bring in your exam paperwork with the quoted price from another local LASIK provider within three months of your consultation, & we’ll match the price for service! It’s that simple. So when you’re ready, we’ve made it easy to book your free consultation online, but we’d also love an old fashioned phone call. SEE you soon!


Candidate Quiz

Are you eligible?

The majority of people (90%) who fall into Milestone 01 (ages 18-45) are good candidates for LASIK. Take our candidate quiz and find out which procedure is right for you!


I just had LASIK done at SharpeVision and it was by far the best decision ever! My only regret is not doing this sooner!

Amy — Seattle

I didn’t have any pain during the procedure or even after. I just slept right after surgery and through the night!

Ally — Seattle

Dr. Sharpe is very attentive and is there through the procedure, explaining each step as it occurs. Can’t recommend this place enough!

Alex — Seattle

It has been pretty incredible to not be dependent on glasses or contacts! I can’t believe I didn’t get LASIK sooner.

Jenny — Seattle

I walked away with 20/15 vision, I feel like a superhero! Thank you Dr. Sharpe and staff for such a rewarding experience!

Kelsie — Seattle



  • What is LASIK Surgery?

    LASIK, an acronym for Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis, is a procedure that involves the use of a laser or microkeratome to reshape the eye’s cornea to improve vision. The cornea is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye that helps focus light rays to create an image on the retina. Imperfection of the shape of the cornea causes images to be distorted on the retina, thus vision problems such as:

    • Nearsightedness (Myopia)
    • Farsightedness (Hyperopia)
    • Distorted or blurred vision at any distance (Astigmatism)
  • How much is laser eye surgery in 2024?

    The average cost per eye for LASIK and PRK in the USA went up in 2023 like most things, due to inflation, and is around $2500, with a range from $1500 to $3500. An advertised price lower than $1000 is typically only for the lowest prescriptions without astigmatism. At SHARPEVISION, our pricing is clear and consistent and based on your level of prescription and other factors related to your anatomy. We will know where you fall in our pricing after we have given your eyes a thorough evaluation at your free consultation.  The price is the same whether you have LASIK or PRK. We also have a price-match guarantee: if you happen to get a lower price quote for LASIK or PRK somewhere else, we will match the price for service, just bring in your paperwork. It’s that simple!

    Our ICL and RLE pricing is consistent for everyone because we are inserting a lens into the eye and not changing the shape of the cornea. These prices are listed on our pricing page– which no one else does BTW!

  • How is the procedure performed at our Seattle-Bellevue LASIK clinic?

    At SharpeVision, we perform only all-laser LASIK. Dr. Sharpe will use an extremely precise femtosecond laser to create a flap in the cornea. He then uses another laser to reshape the cornea, correcting the refraction problems in the eye.

    LASIK is one of the most commonly performed eye laser surgery for many reasons:

    • 96% of patients get their desired vision after LASIK nearly immediately. Vision also continues to improve over several weeks to months after.
    • New technology like the femtosecond laser is faster, safer, and more comfortable than before.
    • It’s a relatively quick, painless procedure with a short recovery period.
    • It’s safer than wearing contacts, with a lower risk of infection post-operatively too.
    • No bandages or stitches are required after LASIK.
    • It’s a safe long-term solution for people with vision problems, even allowing for adjustments to be made years later if your vision changes with age.


  • What is the success rate of laser eye surgery?

    At SharpeVision, we always follow our data to ensure that we’re getting what we think we are getting. Our patients achieve 20/20 or better uncorrected vision 96% of the time. In younger patients and those with lower (-3 or less) prescriptions, it’s as high as 99% of the time, and in our older patients with higher degrees of prescription (over -6), 89% achieve 20/20 or better uncorrected vision. Some people have never had 20/20 with glasses, and those people will likely get only as clear as they had with a good pair of glasses. Those that can see the 20/15 or 20/10 (better than 20/20) lines with glasses will likely get that same vision without glasses after LASIK or PRK.

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SHARPEVISION looks at things a little differently. Take LASIK. Just because you’re having a procedure doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. And just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you should have to pay more. Everything can be improved if you look at it with the right set of eyes. And that’s what we’re doing for you. You get the best price combined with the best experience. Not just giving you a new view, but a new outlook. So when you leave here, you’ll be looking at things differently. You’ll be looking SHARPE.

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Anyone can be affected by poor vision. We get to help people from all walks of life & hear some amazing stories along the way.

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Success Stories — Kiliii Yüyan

Having the freedom to travel anywhere in the world to cover a story and not worry about bringing enough contacts.

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Success Stories — Geena Urango

Since getting LASIK, I feel like I can see and track the ball better than I ever had before on the beach volleyball court.

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Success Stories — Missy Truscott

Now I can see clearly and appreciate the little things I didn’t see before.

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Success Stories — Brad Simms

20/15 day after LASIK- unbelievable!

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Our surgeons have had the privilege of treating a wide range of professional athletes, coaches, & trainers. We are honored to partner with & support Seattle Sounders FC & humbled that the players & staff trust us with their vision!.

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