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LASIK For All?

Your eyes are not the same as your neighbors. And there are no one-size-fits-all vision procedures. LASIK comes pretty close because of the experience of our surgeons & our technology, but we offer additional vision corrections procedures because we want to do what’s BEST for you and your eyes. We’re changing how you see the world by restoring your natural, perfect vision using the latest in laser technology and customized procedures. And all for a fair price. Welcome to SHARPEVISION MODERN LASIK & LENS!

Modern Laser Surgery

Welcome to the Future of Vision

Eyewear trends change frequently, but good vision never goes out of style. It’s all about freedom. Contacts & glasses are a burden. You can’t do anything better wearing them vs your natural, perfect vision. That’s what LASIK & other modern vision correction options give you. They take your eyes back to perfect & sometimes even better. And for those who started life without perfect vision, modern vision correction is like having bionic eyes!

What exists beyond LASIK? Good question. LASIK, PRK & EVO ICL™ are the answer for most people, but we have more options for vision correction based on age and anatomy. That’s what customization is all about. We determine which laser procedure is best for you at your exam, because it’s all about the results based on your vision and how you use it.

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Healthy Inside & Out

Did you know that wearing contacts is statistically more dangerous for your eyes than getting LASIK? Germs from your fingers love to get under that little dome & multiply, it’s like a greenhouse. And those infections aren’t just gross to look at, they can cause vision loss. The healthiest way is what your body intended naturally: to see clearly without prosthetic devices on your face or on your eyes. And that goes for your self-esteem, too. Not everyone who wears glasses likes how they look in them. But if you do, you can still wear them for style, just without the pricey prescription lenses. It’s the best of both worlds!

Invest in Yourself

We all want to save time & money & with our modern vision correction procedures like LASIK, PRK & EVO ICL,™ you can do both! That extra few minutes a day putting in & taking out your contacts or searching for your misplaced glasses really adds ups. And over a ten year period, you will spend more money on contacts & glasses vs LASIK or EVO ICL.™ Visit our Cost Calculator on our Pricing page to see how much you’ll save!

Good for You, Good for the Planet, Good for Others

Looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint? Come to SHARPEVISION for modern vision correction! Fewer contact wearers means less waste being thrown into landfills or down drains. Think of the millions of bottles of contact solution! Or trash from daily contacts! All of our laser vision correction procedures are earth-friendly: they are fast, using little energy & nothing else. Additionally, your old glasses can be donated to those in third-world countries who otherwise cannot afford glasses. It’s a win, win, win scenario.

It’s (Almost) Never too Soon for LASIK

Most people believe that their prescription is not stable, even as adults. This is simply not backed up by data. Our eyes, like the rest of our body’s functions, are as stable as they will ever be (as far as the amount of glasses prescription) in our late teens to early twenties.

That is why the FDA has approved laser eye surgery for anyone over the age of eighteen. At SHARPEVISION, we do a free comprehensive exam on everyone who comes in, so we can determine their candidacy regardless of age.

of patients Qualify for LASIK or PRK
of patients are 18–29

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Our Employees are our Biggest Fans

You know it’s good when our technicians & doctors have had vision correction surgery!

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Why SharpeVision

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

SharpeVision looks at things differently. Take LASIK. Just because you’re having a procedure doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. And just because you’re comfortable doesn’t mean you should have to pay more. Everything can be improved if you look at it with the right set of eyes. And that’s what we’re doing for you. You get the best price combined with the best experience. Not just giving you a new view, but a new outlook. So when you leave here, you’ll be looking at things differently. You’ll be looking Sharpe.

  • Precision Technology

    We only do ALL-LASER LASIK & vision correction procedures. No blades here! Our tech is the best in the world & allows for a faster, safer & more comfortable procedure. Under three minutes per eye to be exact.

  • Personalized Experience

    Your procedure is based on a 3-D blueprint of your eye. Pretty cool, huh? Each type of vision correction surgery we perform is customized to the unique anatomy of your eyes. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. Customization gives us the ability to treat more people and deliver the best results.

  • Surgeon Owned and Operated

    Our surgeons have performed over 100,000 vision correction procedures. They have it down to a science. Each surgeon operates their own clinic with exacting standards, both in & out of the laser suite. We don’t have a corporate headquarters. We believe in the skill & experience of our surgeons to know what is best for each of their patients.

  • Transparent Pricing

    No fine print. No hidden fees for drops. It’s all included. We even list prices for some of our procedures on our pricing page. That’s our goal: to make vision correction accessible to as many people as possible. We also have a Price-Match Guarantee, which means you will never pay more at SHARPEVISION. Vision correction for ALL!

Vision Correction Cost Calculator

Good for your Wellbeing & Your Wallet

Give our Cost Calculator a try! We bet you’ll be surprised by how much you can save with LASIK, PRK & EVO ICL™ vs contacts & glasses. And the savings go beyond just monetary. You will be reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating years of wasteful contact & solution packaging!

I replace my contacts

Cost Breakdown




Contacts per year


Solution per year



In 10 years, I will have spent

Corrective Lenses




Corrective Lenses





LASIK is Forever

In the first year after your procedure, we can make little tweaks, called enhancements, to get your vision just right for you & at no additional cost. But because our eyes are all different, a few people may need an enhancement a few years out. We’ve found about 10% of patients needed a laser touch-up within the first ten years after their procedure. That’s where LASIK4Life comes in.

We want you to have perfect vision for as long as humanly possible. Even though 90% of people see permanent improvement in their vision after surgery, what happens if you do start to notice a little blurriness over time? That’s why we offer lifetime coverage of enhancements with LASIK4Life. It’s a great service that most of our patients find valuable, but it is completely optional. Don’t want to include LASIK4Life with your procedure? No problem.

Eye’m with Sharpe

Our Clients Are Our Vision Statement

Anyone can be affected by poor vision. We get to help people from all walks of life & hear some amazing stories along the way.

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20/15 day after LASIK- unbelievable!

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Since getting LASIK, I feel like I can see and track the ball better than I ever had before on the beach volleyball court.

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Having the freedom to travel anywhere in the world to cover a story and not worry about bringing enough contacts.

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Now I can see clearly and appreciate the little things I didn’t see before.

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