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Bricklin Welch

How has your new vision impacted your life?

“Lasik has dramatically improved my quality of life! It has been life changing to not worry about contacts falling out while I am competing, training, and teaching BJJ. It allows my focus to be solely on what my next move will be It has also been a game changer to be able to travel and swim without the hassle of glasses and contacts!”


Day Job:

Quantitative Analyst, Bank of America

Which procedure did you have? Where and when?

LASIK: Chicago: 2018

What Are You Currently:


Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman

Listening to?

Pretty Lights

Bricklin Welch Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and lasik results
Bricklin Welch lasik review

Where can we find you on weekends?

Teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hanging out with my fiancé and rescue pups, or hitting the gym.

Fun Fact:

I'm a black belt No gi Pan American Medalist.