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Linnea Rooke

COO @ Fluidride







What is your day job?

COO @ Fluidride

How has your new vision impacted your life?

Wow in so many ways! Three major things to note:

Vision Quality: My vision is unbelievably sharp. Even with the most updated contacts and glasses prescription, I’ve never seen detail like this. It’s like waking up as a baby bird and seeing the world for the first time. Everything is just so much more beautiful than I knew.

Physical Comfort: Even with the best contacts I could find, there was inherent discomfort from them shifting around and becoming dry and irritating in the evenings. Now this daily problem is completely erased from my life.

Convenience: My life is always on the go. I travel internationally nearly every month, from road trips to guiding tours in Europe and Mexico, and racing around the US and Canada. I’m often camping in cars and vans, flying, and driving long distances, so it’s critical to simplify and streamline wherever I can. Having a contacts case, solution, spare contacts, and glasses on hand all the time was cumbersome. Risk of an eye infection while on a trip was stressful. But now, I just get up and GO. I’m grateful every morning I wake up!

The procedure and recovery was so easy. Only wish I had done this sooner, but I know the benefits will last a lifetime.

Linnea Rooke/ COO @ Fluidride

What are you currently:


Born to Run

Listening To:

Euro Pop (cause when you work from home, people can't see you dancing awkwardly in your office 😬)


French Language Tutorials

Where can we find you on weekends?

Trail running my doggie around the PNW

Fun Fact:

I'm a professional mountain biker in Downhill and Enduro, and have an instruction-based You-Tube channel.

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