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Aaron Chavez

Musician & Animator & Video Post-Production







Day Job

Musician & Animator & Video Post-Production

How has your new vision impacted your life?

LASIK has changed my life in a fundamental way. It truly feels like a miracle to be able to see so clearly without corrective lenses. The more time passes since I got the procedure, the more grateful I feel for this opportunity and for the generosity of the people at SharpeVision. I can’t say thank you enough.

In the chance that eye care becomes more difficult to come by in the future, I will be glad I had this procedure done.

Aaron Chavez / Musician & HAAM Member

What are you currently:

Reading: :

A Queer Dharma, by Jacob Ballard

Listening to::

Jane Leo, Pelvis Wrestley, Twain, The Admiral


Legend of Korra, Regular Show

Where can we find you on weekends?

Watching or playing shows at Hotel Vegas, Swan Dive, Cheer up Charlie's, or hanging out at The Grand

Fun Fact

I made a short film that was 1 of 20 finalists in a contest by NASA. The film is called First Generation.

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