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Meet Dr. Mattioli


Dr. Fred Mattioli is a board-certified ophthalmic surgeon who had LASIK on his own nearsighted eyes in 1999; he has been helping patients see clearly ever since. Dr. Mattioli has had some of the best training in the world. After graduating from UT Austin in Biology, he went to Texas Tech for Medical School and went to the University of Kansas for eye surgery residency.

After that, he did a fellowship in Argentina with the most famous refractive surgeon in the world, Dr. Roberto Zaldivar. While there, he felt very much at home due to his Argentinian heritage and fluent Spanish. He has specialized in refractive surgery since beginning practice in 2000 and has performed over 40,000 laser-vision-correction procedures.

Dr. Mattioli has mastered many techniques and technologies, including kerarings, corneal cross-linking, ICL’s, Kamra inlay, laser-assisted cataract surgery, as well as topography-guided all-laser LASIK, to name a few. He was named as an International Association of Healthcare Professionals Top Ophthalmologists 2012-2013 and to America’s Top Ophthalmologists 2007. He has participated in a US corneal cross-linking study for the treatment of keratoconus, has published articles in academic journals, and taught advanced laser-vision-correction techniques at conferences. In short, you could not be in better hands, and Dr. Sharpe is thrilled that he is joining us at SharpeVision!


LASIK is the primary refractive surgery performed at SharpeVision modern LASIK. LASIK can eliminate your need for glasses. Our free consultation will explain this safe, effective option.

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We help patients with a range of eye-care needs, from itchy or dry-eye problems to complex issues or emergency treatment requiring a board-certified Eye MD.