Optometric Physician

Dr. Natasha Balani

Dr. Balani is the Head of Optometry at SharpeVision Modern LASIK & LENS. She brings tremendous knowledge and energy to every patient interaction.


Dr. Balani serves as the Director of Optometry at SharpeVision Modern LASIK & LENS. She was born and raised on the east coast and attended The College of New Jersey on a prestigious scholarship. After completing her Bachelors, she was drawn to the beauty of the west coast, where she earned her Doctorate in Optometry from Midwestern University in Arizona and later completed her fellowship in refractive surgery and dry eye disease.

Dr. Balani brings over ten years of optometric experience and clinical leadership from private practice, boutique optical, and laser eye center settings. She is passionate about working with enthusiastic teams and surgeons to together provide personalized, thorough, and exceptional patient care.

Dr. Balani has served as Adjunct Clinical Faculty at Pacific University and as a sub-investigator in ocular surface disease clinical research trials at the Periman Eye Institute.

Outside of work, Dr. Balani loves to travel, trail run, spend time with family and learn new things.

“Dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring, Dr. Balani’s passion is helping her patients achieve their full potential through vision.”

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