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close up of woman's blue eye

My pupils are dilated! What do I do now?

Many people have questions about their pupils before during and after an eye exam. In this blog post I will talk about the truly amazing function of your pupils – the little black holes that let light in your eye. We will discuss: Why pupils dilate How pupils dilate Why sometimes pupils are large What…

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What does 20/20 vision mean? or What is 20/20 vision?

One of the most common questions all eye doctors get is, “what does 20/20 mean?” or it’s sometimes incorrectly phrased as “What does 20 20 vision mean?” Or “What does 20-20 mean?”  There are several different ways of answering this, but the easiest is to imagine yourself 20 feet away from a street sign. If…

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How long does LASIK last?

How long does LASIK last? Well, is LASIK Permanent? I don’t think I’ve been asked the question “is lasik surgery permanent” as much in recent years. I think the reason why, may be due to more people knowing someone who had LASIK many years ago, and the person is still doing well and is happy they had…

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sharpevision modern lasik chicago storefront

I want to get LASIK. What is the best LASIK Vision Center for me?

LASIK has been performed for over 25 years now, and many millions of people worldwide are enjoying clear uncorrected vision that would not have been possible a generation ago. Since the beginning of LASIK and PRK in the 1990’s, thousands of doctors have performed LASIK on millions of patients. Social media and search engines make…

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Does insurance cover LASIK?

I Want LASIK, But… Many people want LASIK, and for a variety of reasons they have not yet had it. Here are the top reasons for not getting LASIK that I hear: I’ve got astigmatism! My prescription isn’t stable. I heard it doesn’t last My optometrist told me I’m not a candidate I don’t want…

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one month after lasik


Ok, you had LASIK one month ago. You had PRK one month ago. What should you expect? Most people who had LASIK or PRK a month ago may not even read this, because they’re seeing fantastically well. In fact, more than 19 out of 20 people can see the 20/20 line on a standard vision…

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eye exams

State of the Art: Intraocular Lenses (IOLs)

Perhaps no year has seen as much improvement in the intraocular lens as 2020. Intraocular lenses have been improved continuously since the first one was implanted in the eye after cataract surgery by Dr. Harold Ridley in 1949. By the 1980’s, the majority of people still did not have IOLs implanted, and had to wear…

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Photo of a pair of glasses in front of city buildings

Refractive Surgery and How The Eye Works

The best patients are well-informed patients. I love it when a patient comes to the decision to have refractive surgery based on a good understanding of how the eye works, how refractive surgery works, and the risks and benefits of refractive surgery. I want all my patients to have a thorough understanding of all that…

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LASIK vs SMILE: Which is best?

Whenever a new technology arrives with FDA approval, we at SharpeVision continuously evaluate and follow it to see if it’s something we want to offer our patients. I feel an extreme responsibility when recommending a new technology. It should have better uncorrected visual acuity, be safer, have a quicker recovery, and fewer potential side effects….

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young woman with glasses posing in front of colorful wall

Why Our LASIK Patients Are Getting Younger and Younger

Instagram, that arbiter of taste and style, is showing more younger folks with glasses—even those with quirky, clunky frames. The trend that you can’t see as easily, is that young people are choosing LASIK over glasses at an astonishing rate. At SharpeVision we’ve seen the average age of our LASIK patients go from 41 down…

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Are Millenials Having More Vision Problems?

Glasses have been around for hundreds of years, (anyone remember Ben Franklin?) but a higher percentage of young people are needing glasses for vision problems than ever before. Vision problems tend to increase as we age, but millennials are having more vision problems and at a younger age than previous generations. Nearly 70% of millennials…

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woman with short hair covering her face with her hands

How to Fix Red or Bloodshot Eyes

Why Are My Eyes Red? My residency program director said there are over a hundred reasons for red eyes. I never sat down to count, but I’d guess he was probably correct. So first and foremost: get an eye exam to rule out serious, vision-threatening problems. I have seen patients many times in my career…

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blonde woman holding broken eye glasses

LASIK for Doomsday Prepping

The Safety Benefits of Laser Vision Correction In 2015, Reddit cofounder Steve Huffman said he got LASIK to increase his odds of survival in the case of a natural or man-made disaster that sends the world into the apocalypse. I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, but if supply chain disruption impedes access…

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Digital Eyestrain: Do Those Blue Filter Computer Glasses Work?

Nearly everyone will use computers for at least part of their day, and an even higher percentage of people use smartphones for work and pleasure. Digital Eyestrain is a “thing.” It can be uncomfortable and sap our productivity. There also may be harmful effects from long-term and higher doses of the blue light that is…

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What is Presbyopia and How Can I Correct It?

Ok, listen up: this is probably the hardest thing to understand about our vision, and usually isn’t explained well, so I’ll try a little different angle, by using the term “focusing power,” to mean bringing light rays together like the point of a pencil, or the tip of a cone. I hope this helps! So…

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woman covering eyes in front of mural

Why Is My Eye Twitching?

Who hasn’t had the annoying eyelid twitch that comes on for no apparent reason, and disappears equally randomly? Benign (not harmful, or the effect of something more serious) eyelid twitching is diagnosed when one of your eyelids contracts, or squeezes very briefly. It doesn’t obstruct vision but is noticeable and bothersome. It can last minutes…

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old man with glasses, grey hair

Why Will I Need Reading Glasses? Grandpa Didn’t!

Aging stinks, but as my dad always says, it beats the alternative. Presbyopia, the term for loss of flexibility in our eye’s natural lens, is one of the earlier signs that you’re not 30 years old any longer. Our eyes have an exquisite mechanism consisting of the clear crystalline lens (about the size and shape…

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Looking Back

Since this video I shot in Chicago in 2017, SharpeVision continues to grow quickly. More and more people are benefiting from the technology and enjoying life without the need for external devices to see clearly. People have realized that they have nothing to fear. Laser vision correction is becoming the norm for millennials who want…

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woman posing in large rimmed glasses

Myopia: A Treatable Epidemic

   Would it be OK with you if we made your life easier for less money? We are in the middle of a myopia epidemic. One of 3 people in the world can’t see 20 feet in front of them or pass a drivers test without glasses. Most people don’t realize that when children…

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“The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent!” I’ve heard these words so many times…

“The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent!” I’ve heard these words so many times from patients over the past twenty years. LASIK may seem like a luxury, when in fact it will save you thousands of dollars over your lifetime. And that doesn’t even take into account the amazing improvement to your quality of life: you…

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Middle-aged guy with eyeglasses and blue shirt

What is Laser Floater Treatment and How Does it Work?

What is a Floater? In the back of our eyes, there is a material called vitreous that is 99% water but has 1% collagen and hyaluronic acid that can clump together forming bothersome floaters. Most people will have these to some extent and they tend to accumulate as we age. They can result after an…

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