By Dr. Natasha Balani

October 21, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of medical technology, breakthroughs continue to transform the healthcare landscape, benefiting both medical practitioners and their patients. One such groundbreaking innovation that’s taking the surgical world by storm is the NGENUITY System. Imagine a 3D high dynamic range (HDR) camera, an ultra high-speed image processor, and a surgical 55-inch, 3D 4K OLED display, all combined with passive, circularly polarized 3D eyeglasses, providing surgeons with a visual experience that’s been likened to “watching a movie on steroids.(1,2“)

So what exactly is NGENUITY? In case you’re wondering why your surgeon might be wearing 3D glasses for your RLE or cataract procedure, here’s why.

How NGENUITY’s viewing system stacks up against traditional surgical techniques

NGENUITY’s 3D viewing system helps surgeons perform their procedures with greater precision. Here are some key aspects of this system that set it apart:


  • NGENUITY offers a three-dimensional system that redefines how surgeons see and interact with their traditionally 2D operating field. 3D viewing provides enhanced depth perception, allowing the surgeon to more accurately gauge the distance and position of instruments within the tissues of the eye. During cataract surgery, our surgeons work in spaces that are millimeters small (the human lens is only 4mm-6mm deep!), so more precise visualization allows for more precise intervention and in turn, safer procedures with reduced trauma, minimized complications and accelerated recovery.


  • Unlike peering through the binoculars of a microscope, NGENUITY provides surgeons with a real view of the eye. Its 1080p camera system offers high dynamic range (HDR) and 3D viewing that matches or even exceeds the image quality through the microscope.

Benefits for Surgeons and Patients Alike

Now, let’s dive into why NGENUITY is making waves in the surgical community, and how it benefits both surgeons and their patients.


  • Surgeons have access to a 55-inch 4K OLED display that delivers an immersive view which balances light to mitigate glare and shadows and ensures that details and colors are highlighted constructively. NGENUITY provides up to 48% greater magnification and a depth of field up to five times that of a traditional anolog microscrope.


  • Long-term health is a concern for surgeons, and NGENUITY addresses this by reducing the stress on the back and neck, thus preventing spine and neck problems.  A study published in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery in 2019 found that a significant percentage of ophthalmologists reported experiencing work-related musculoskeletal pain. In this study, about 70% of the surveyed ophthalmologists reported musculoskeletal pain, with neck and shoulder pain being the most commonly reported issues. This ergonomic design serves as a preventative measure and ensures that the surgeon can operate with greater comfort and fewer physical limitations in the short and long term.


  • NGENUITY’s digital system makes it possible for staff and nurses assisting the surgeon to have the exact same view as the surgeon in real time. This shared view can be broadcasted to a screen, and everyone in the operating room wears 3D glasses, ensuring seamless collaboration
  • NGENUITY’s capability to share the surgeon’s view in real time also turns it into an invaluable teaching tool. It enables medical professionals to learn and refine their skills by observing surgeries with unprecedented clarity.

Dr. Barker’s Take

The NGENUITY’s 3D vibrant edge to edge clarity’and enhanced resolution improves the precision, safety, and overall quality of RLE, cataract and glaucoma surgeries. It provides our surgeons with a more immersive and accurate view of the surgical field, progressing our surgeons at SharpeVision and the industry as a whole toward more efficient and effective patient care.

If you have questions about the NGENUITY, or any of our other technology at SharpeVision, send us a text @ 425-451-2020 or book a consultation with us!

Dr. Natasha Balani

Optometric Physician and Director
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