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Our surgeons have had the privilege of treating a wide range of patients from professional athletes, soldiers, and police officers to firefighters, teachers, and commercial pilots. Vision is precious to everyone, and many of our patients have written to tell us how their clear vision has profoundly changed their lives.

Chris Henderson lasik eye surgery testimonial

Former Major League Soccer player and current coach

"It's such a simple procedure. The next day I was looking at players on video, everything was clear and crisp. It was great. It's a great partnership for us."

Mike Holmgren lasik eye surgery testimonial

Former NFL Head Coach

"I was blessed with great vision. However, that is not the case for two of my daughters. They have been hassling with contacts and glasses for years and I am pleased to report that Dr. Matthew Sharpe at SharpeVision in Bellevue changed that for them. SharpeVision answered every question and addressed all of our concerns in excellent detail. They truly made us feel like family."

Dick Fain lasik surgery testimonial

Play by Play Voice of the Seattle Storm and Radio Host on KJR-AM

"Never did I imagine that I would see as well as I did when I was a kid. I now see better at 40 than I did at 15. As happy as I am with the results, I was equally impressed with the way Dr. Sharpe and his staff made me feel at ease about the procedure. The entire organization is incredibly friendly and professional."

Aaron Kovar seattle LASIK testimonial

Seattle Sounders Midfielder

"On the field it makes a big difference, but in every other aspect of life it's a made a huge impact."

Lamar Neagle lasik eye surgery testimonial

Major League Soccer Player

"It's unbelievable to be able to wake up in the morning and see perfectly. I couldn't be more thankful, it's something that I never thought would happen."


"I had a wonderful experience getting LASIK at SharpeVision. The facility is beautiful, clean and bright. The staff is on top of their game and very welcoming. The surgical staff made me feel relaxed, educated and at ease from the consultation, throughout the surgery and the post-op appointments. The best part? I walked away with 20/15 vision, I feel like a superhero! Thank you Dr.Sharpe and staff for such a rewarding experience! I will recommend your practice to anyone I know considering Lasik."


"I had my lasik surgery about a month ago and it was great. my experience here was absolutely fantastic. the staff answered all my questions about what would happen, and Dr. Sharpe walked me through everything I would experience as it happened. It has been pretty incredible to not be dependent on glasses or contacts this last month! I can't believe I didn't get lasik sooner. Highly recommend SharpeVision."


"Getting LASIK at SharpeVision was the best decision! After hearing great experiences from coworkers, I on a whim signed up online for a consultation on Monday. They immediately called me and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday. After saying I was a candidate they told me they had an opening that Friday. It was so easy and fast and I was able to see immediately! I went to my works Christmas party that night and was telling everyone how they need to do it! I know I had a great experience because it was at Sharpe! They were so professional and efficient I didn’t have to wait forever and got answers immediately! If you are considering LASIK you need to do it here!"


"Not only am I thrilled with the results, I also have to mention how professional and friendly the staff is. Dr. Sharpe is very attentive and is there through the procedure, explaining each step as it occurs. Can't recommend this place enough!"


"I had two consultations previous to this one and I ended up getting the procedure done at SharpeVision. Very happy with my decision, it was close to home, the procedure itself was fast and Dr. Sharpe was very nice and took the time to make sure I understood everything that would go on during the procedure. Facilities are also very lovely."


"I'm so surprised to see even the few negative reviews on here! I absolutely loved my experience here. My husband got LASIK first (he was the guinea pig haha) and then I got mine done about a month afterwards. I'd say my recovery was even better than my husbands (although his was pretty smooth minus a little stinging which is normal) I didn't have any pain during the procedure or even after. I just slept right after surgery and through the night! The office is modern and clean, staff is really friendly, coffee/tea station is a nice treat, and Dr. Sharpe himself makes you feel at ease and walks you through every step during surgery. The surgery is done in the blink of an eye, pun intended, (except your eye is being held open so it turns out you don't blink for a couple of min LOL) and I literally could see clearer walking out of the office! My husband and I are so glad we did LASIK. Worth every penny! Thank you so much Dr. Sharpe & staff. We are constantly recommending you guys to all of our clients and friends!"


"For years I'd considered LASIK. With all of the back-alley spots, Groupon deals, and low-budget advertisements I was overwhelmed. After countless attempts, I found Dr. Sharpe and finally committed to getting LASIK. I read numerous case studies and research articles, changed my mind 15 times, cried, started prepping my home for accessibility to the blind... you know, normal stuff. Dr Sharpe and his team quelled my neurosis with their knowledge and hands-on approach. They equipped me with the information I needed from the initial consult to the one-month follow-up. I felt safe under Dr. Sharpe's care. If you're considering LASIK, it's imperative you see Dr. Sharpe. Don't trust your vision to the randoms. Side note: Getting LASIK is the absolute best decision I've made since giving up dairy. I'm out here in the world with my new bionic eyes:)"


"My experience with SharpeVision in March 2015 was exceptional. The staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire process and Dr. Sharpe was amazing, completely putting my fears to rest before and during the procedure. The facility is top notch as well, very inviting and beautifully decorated. Most importantly though, being able to see without glasses is amazing! "


"I just had Lasik done at SharpeVision and it was by far the best decision I've ever done! My vision is already so much better after a day. My only regret is not doing this sooner!! Worth every penny! Dr Sharpe is amazing and has a personal touch that shows he cares about each person that comes through his doors. He doesn't rush you through, takes time to answer any questions/concerns and talks you through every single step. If you are debating getting Lasik done, I highly recommend going here."


"This place is awesome. Great office, professional staff, and a very professional/energetic Doctor. I would highly recommend anyone to come here. LASIK surgery is scary, but the Valium compounded with Rocky and Dr Sharpe talking you through the procedure literally second by second helped tremendously. I'm 24 hours out with no pain, minimal haziness (as to be expected), and already seeing 20/20 or better. I should have done this procedure a year ago!!!"


"I "shopped" two different LASIK clinics, and chose SharpeVision easily over the other. The facility is clean and comfortable; the staff is friendly and helpful; the process is simple and painless (literally!). Dr. Sharpe is very focused and patient. He answered all my questions, put my mind at ease, and inspired much confidence. A month after surgery and I'm seeing better than 20/15. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone."


"SharpeVision has been a great experience. I had Lasik in December and my eyes feel great. It's life-changing not having that extra step in the morning or at night having to deal with contacts. It's also amazing waking up and being able to see! I no longer have to pack all my eye stuff for vacations as well. The doctors are great and very personable. I would highly recommend SharpeVision for Lasik."


"Seeing is believing! Officially a 4 eyed person for over 25 years but not anymore!!!! Dr. Sharpe provided me with better than perfect vision. I waited to provide this review (lasik was performed in February of 2016) and as of today (February 2017 I have 20/15 vision. The office, doctor and the services provided are pristine. Completely worth the money. I am so grateful to have my vision and even more grateful to have perfect vision thanks to Dr. Sharpe and his staff. I trusted him to my eyes and I am glad I did. Thank you Dr. Sharpe!!"


"Every aspect of my experience with SharpeVision was wonderful. The entire office is so clean, modern, and welcoming. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, and they made sure all my questions were answered. The consultation was free and they were in the middle of the price range for the places around Seattle. They had by far the best facilities. The waiting area was really nice as well. I am now over 3 months post-op and have better than 20/20 vision!"


"I had LASIK done at SharpeVision and the process was simple and painless. 1 minute total for both eyes. I see better than 20/20 now and it has increased my confidence. I should have done it sooner."


"Awesome experience. Made me feel comfortable and at ease. The actual procedure was incredibly comfortable and pain free. Afterwards the recovery was just as described. Dr. Sharpe does an incredible job of providing top notch care before, during and after my visit. So impressed my brothers and sisters are considering visiting to have the surgery with SharpeVision."


"I once was blind, but now I see... like Superman! Dr. Sharpe wins bedside manner of the year, and you won't believe how fast the procedure was, seriously less than 5 minutes under the laser to change your life. They send you home, take a NyQuil, sleep and you wake up never having to blindly reach for your glasses or poke your eyes on the daily with contacts. Think about it."


"I had a thoroughly professional experience with Sharpe vision and would absolutely not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is thinking about getting LASIK. The facilities are modern, the staff are extremely friendly and professional and they offer free Starbucks. I had not had my eyes tested for quite some time before visiting the clinic, and they not only gave me an eye test, but two free consultations to make sure they had the most accurate reading possible prior to the surgery. On the day of the procedure, I was very nervous, but Dr Sharpe did everything possible to walk me through each step and put me at ease. They scheduled an appointment the very next morning (again free) as a follow up to make sure everything went okay. I have had awful eyesight my entire life (-6.00 prescription) and I went from having 20/500 vision to 20/15 literally overnight! Thank you SharpeVision for immeasurably improving my quality of life. I dumped my contact lenses and never looked back!"


"After wearing glasses for 12 years finally decided to do the surgery. Best decision ever & money well spent. Just came back from Puerto Vallarta and didn't have to worry about wearing my glasses when swimming, running or playing volleyball. The procedure was simple and fast. It was a bit painful for the next several hours. But I was totally fine the next morning when I went back to work as usual. Thank you very much!"


"I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Sharpe and his entire staff. They were polite and informative before, during, and after the LASIK procedure. It took about one minute per eye and Dr. Sharpe talked me through it in real time. After a long nap at home, I was able to check email and watch tv with minimal discomfort. By morning I was able to see well enough to safely drive. Fantastic job by all involved!"


"Just got LASIK from Dr. Sharpe yesterday, 7/10/2018. I cannot express how happy and life changing this procedure has been. procedure was only like 5 mins long and Dr. Sharpe was extremely helpful with creating a great experience. absolutely no pain at all. its been only one day and I can see as clearly if not better than when I was wearing contacts. I highly recommended seeing Dr. Sharpe if you are thinking about doing this procedure. Thank you Dr. Sharpe for my new vision. Definitely feeling EYE-MAZED!!"


"From day one, everyone at SharpeVision MODERN LASIK was professional and knowledgeable. I had a great experience with both doctors. The front desk was also great to work with. Surgery was easy and painless. You just stare at a dot for a few seconds for each eye and boom you are done. I would recommend getting a later appointment. Have the surgery, have someone drive you home, eat dinner, and go to bed. You will wake up the next with awesome vision. I’m now 20/15, it’s pretty nuts. Wish I would have done it sooner. Thank you again!"


"I had Lasik in the beginning of January and it was the best decision I ever made!! My consultation was very thorough and they were very informative. I felt very comfortable knowing it was going to go smoothly. The whole staff, including Dr. Sharpe, were extremely pleasant and made sure I had all the information possible before and on the day of my procedure. I’m so glad I did it - thank you all again SO much! "


"Wow -- I had some reservations going in, but once I arrived at the beautiful office I was blown away. The technology they use is state of the art, the staff is experienced (and very friendly), the process is explained thoroughly, the surroundings are comfortable, and the price is competitive. After having glasses/contacts since for over 20 years, I'm in love with my new 20/15 vision!"


"I am blown away by this service. Not only am I seeing 20:15 the day after my surgery, the staff is incredible. Dr. Sharpe personally called me the night of my surgery just to see how I was feeling. From the moment I walked in the door I felt like everyone cared about me on a very personal level. I would recommend SharpeVision to anyone needing any eye treatment/consultation. I couldn't be happier."


"Best decision I ever made! Staff is very friendly, professional, and organized. The facility is super clean and very modern. Dr. Ganesh and Marina were fantastic and were so helpful throughout the whole process. I highly recommend anyone interested in LASIK to go in and talk to either of them."


"Wow! Best decision I've ever made. I was so surprised both at how quick it was, and now how perfect my vision is. My coworker got it which is why I started thinking about it. I went to get a consultation and they said I was a perfect candidate, so I tentatively scheduled my surgery for a week later...I ended up going through with it! The actual procedure really did take about 5 minutes. It's a little uncomfortable when they're cutting the flaps, but it's not painful at all and it's not even weird watching it all happen (probably because of the valium haha). I did it at 10am, went home and slept as directed, used the numbing drops once when I woke up, and then felt completely fine by that night. I was at work again the next day. I'm about 10 days out now. My eyes aren't dry at all, but I'm still using the artificial tears as directed. I had slight fogginess and sensitivity to light, but those have pretty much gone away. Things aren't as contrast-y at night, but I think that's getting better too. Overall, the procedure seems super safe and super effective. The hardest part for me was just getting over my fear of going! I've already recommended SharpeVision to my coworkers, my friend, and my dentist."


"It's been a week since my LASIK surgery and, I must say, I'm so happy I did it. I went to a couple different places in Austin to kind of "shop around" and each experience differed so much. SharpeVision was my 3rd and final stop. First, maybe other people don't care about this, but ambiance is huge for me. This was place was so clean and modern and it gave me a great vibe and made me excited about the surgery. All of the equipment was clean and new. The two other places I went to were really..outdated. What made me choose SharpeVision was: 1) Pricing, one of the best deals I had seen in town even with the lifetime guarantee. 2) Convenience: the other two places were requiring another eye exam a few days before the actual procedure (which was going to cost me $250) a full day off for the surgery, and a follow up appt the next day. The other two places would not do surgery on Fridays, so I would've had to miss a lot more time at work, which was a HUGE factor for me. I had my LASIK done on friday afternoon after working a half day, then my next day appt was on Saturday. They did all of the measurements at my free consultation. 3) Informative: they sent me home with the informed consent sheet and a ton of information on what to expect and what not to expect in a neat little booklet. They sent my drops to the pharmacy that day (one of the other places I went to needed me to go to a specific pharmacy to get a very expensive eye drop? very weird). The procedure was quick. I wouldn't say painless, but just slightly uncomfortable. Everything I experienced in the days to come was expected since I read my booklet! Within a few days I could barely tell I had LASIK done as my vision had almost normalized. I still have some haziness and dryness, but it's nothing compared to the discomfort I often felt with my contacts. I was really impressed with this place, the staff, the surgeon. I would recommend LASIK and SharpeVision to anyone!"


"Absolutely the best decision I've made!! From start to finish SharpeVision was professional, kind, informative, and beyond expectations. The staff is amazing and the doctors are incredibly knowledgeable. Also the cheapest price I found. If your thinking of doing LASIK, I highly recommend doing a consult here."


"I cannot give SharpeVision enough praise!!! After wearing contacts for 15 years, I FINALLY decided to seek out LASIK. At my consultation, I knew Sharpe was going to be the place for me. The procedure was simple, quick, affordable and painless. Dr Sharpe has an incredible bedside manner, as does the rest of his staff. If you are thinking of LASIK this is absolutely the place for you!!!"


"From the clean, modern beautiful office and equipment, SharpeVision was a great experience. The staff was welcoming and very accommodating on arrival. Dr. Sharpe does a great job of explaining the procedure and you can tell from his enthusiasm and knowledge that he loves his work. Day of the procedure is about 45 minutes and the staff takes great care of you. Once done, they explain your next steps and treatment ya you must do for the next couple days. Procedure went great and I can now see 20/15 and I never need glasses again. It’s a life changing treatment and I would definitely recommend SharpeVision any time. Thanks again."


"I waited 5 weeks after my LASIK eye surgery to write a review to allow adequate time for recovery. That being said, I could have written this review 4 weeks and 6 days ago because that's how quickly I was back to normal. Yes, 4-5 hours following the procedure were rather unpleasant but what do you expect after laser robots are unleashed on your cornea? My advice: Take the valium they offer, go directly home and sleep it off. When you awake, it will be as if a team of miniature elves riding unicorns descended upon your eyeballs and bestowed perfect vision upon you. In reality, that's just Dr. Sharpe's expert handiwork at play. From my initial exam though my 4-week checkup, Dr. Sharpe and the team were excellent. Incredibly professional, passionate, thorough, and kind. Dr. Sharpe spent time with me explaining the procedure, ensuring I was comfortable with everything. Later that evening, I received a text from him checking in and requesting that I text him personally, anytime day or night, if I had any issues. That kind of approach to doctoring is unheard of today. In summary - Dr. Sharpe, Dr. Ganesh and Marina were all wonderful. I highly recommend SharpeVision to anyone sick of glasses and contacts."


"SharpeVision provided me the best once-of-a-lifetime experience. Before, I was very apprehensive about the LASIK procedure but after my initial consultation, their professional staff and well-produced info video allayed all my fears. The ensuing procedure was quick and easy. The surgery took less than 15 minutes. Their modern and SUPER clean facility is also quite lovely: a mixture of glass, steel, marble and neutral tones. Their staff is super friendly and I never once felt unwelcome. The thing that would make the experience even more perfect: bubbles. I totally recommend these guys."


"Best thing I've ever done for myself! Best care and compassion I've ever received from a doctor. Don't think about it...do it!"


"I am 24 hours post-lasik and I could not be happier! Having a procedure on your eyes can be terrifying, but Dr. Thomson and Rocky were reassuring and made the experience a lot less scary. The facility is clean, beautiful, and modern. Everyone in the office is friendly and helpful. If you're considering lasik, I highly recommend it, and I know you'll be happy you chose SharpeVision MODERN LASIK!"


"I had a fantastic experience all around with this office. I went to several consultations in the city and could tell this was the doctor for me. The procedure went flawlessly and I was seeing 20/15 vision (better than 20/20) by the next morning! I can't thank this team enough! "


"I had a fantastic experience all around with this office. I went to several consultations in the city and could tell this was the doctor for me. The procedure went flawlessly and I was seeing 20/15 vision (better than 20/20) by the next morning! I can't thank this team enough!"


"20/15 vision? Amazing. This was 100% the best decision I have made. The whole staff is really wonderful and the procedure was insanely fast. The office itself is so modern and clean. My mom was really excited she could watch. She talked about it for days afterwards. Nice touch."


"I had a great LASIK experience with SharpeVision! The office is very clean and modern, the staff is AMAZING and my LASIK results were 20/20. A previous patient of Sharpe Vision recommended them for my LASIK and I’m glad they did. I would highly recommend this team of skilled professionals! Thanks for the great job and exceptional customer service."


"I had a great experience at SharpeVision. The offices are beautiful and the staff are super friendly. They put me at ease through the whole process and the procedure itself was very quick and efficient. The next day I was seeing 20/15! It really is amazing going from a prescription of -5.0 to waking up and seeing clearly with no glasses or contacts. I highly recommend SharpeVision. "


"I chose Modern Lasik because of the 5 star reviews and Dr Sharpe didn't disappoint. Great experience and care. I now see 20/15 and no side effects (not even dry eyes). I could not recommend more:)"


"I just had LASIK done on both eyes in December after 23 years of wearing contacts. I'm a huge fan of SharpeVision Modern LASIK! The whole process was smooth and efficient and pleasant from the first call to the check up a month after the procedure. The actual office is very nice and modern with a machine that dispenses Starbucks! Every staff member was polite and helpful. The equipment was all new and I felt confident going into the procedure that my vision was in good hands. The procedure took about ten minutes and was painless. I really had no down time and I could see well immediately following the surgery. I used the eye drops as they recommended and had absolutely no issues. Thank you, SharpeVision for my 20/15 vision- I love it! Highly recommend! Love the lifetime guarantee as well."


"I had a great experience getting LASIK here. The location is clean and the atmosphere is calming. The front desk staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr. Sharpe is very professional, and he took time to answer all my questions. It's been almost a year since my LASIK surgery, and I still feel it was the best decision I've made to quickly and drastically better my quality of life."


"I can't describe how easy and completely painless the whole LASIK process was for me. From the consultation to the actual procedure to the "recovery", I cannot recommend the procedure with SharpeVision more. Just realize it pays for itself in a couple years of contacts/contact solution/glasses/etc. and you it really is life-changing, that's not just something they say."


"Unbelievable, life changing experience. I had 20/300 vision. Relied on contacts and glasses for 23 years. I decided to make an investment in myself and it was the best present I could have received. I went to several different doctors and chose SharpeVision because of the staff. Several of them were patients and they were all very understanding of my anxieties. I truly appreciate their professionalism and care. My vision is now 20/15 and I still can't believe how quick and easy the entire process was. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in improving their vision."


"I couldn't be happier with my experience at SharpeVision! Everyone is super friendly, professional and simply awesome. The price and result are better than expected. I was at -2.75 in both eyes and ended up with 20/15 vision! That's better than 20/20! Thanks Sharpe!!!"


"Appointments were all super easy. Got my LASIK scheduled within a month of my first screen. The whole thing was more comfortable and convenient than I expected. Had 20/20 vision next day, 20/15 within a couple weeks. Overall a very positive experience. "


"By far the best experience from start to finish! Scheduling the consultation was a breeze and they actually have blocked appointments so I was able to see them before work with no hassle. Everyone was so kind and honest when it came to my surgery so I was well informed going in; I am now seeing 20/15! "


"Had the most incredible LASIK experience thanks to SharpeVision!!! The hospitality and staff are amazing, and being in the office is an absolute pleasure. As for my vision, it's perfect... literally perfect. I had extremely high astigmatism, could only see 20/20 with eyeglasses, and contact lenses were such a hassle - I was constantly rubbing them to get them back in place just to see somewhat clearly. Now, I have 20/17 vision on my own, and it's life changing. The procedure is fast, Dr. Sharpe talks you through it and makes you feel very comfortable and it's absolutely worth it. Don't think about it too much, ask about it, or even watch videos on the procedure - it's so quick and easy that making yourself nervous over it isn't worth it. If you are on the fence about LASIK, PLEASE do it, it'll be the best decision you've ever made and doing it at SharpeVision will make the experience amazing. Thank you, SharpeVision!!!"


"Just wanted to share about my incredible experience with Dr. Sharpe & his wonderful staff. I literally had my Lasik eye surgery on both eyes doe yesterday.. if you know me, you'd know that I had anticipated this day for years!! I am only 23 & as my vision had been declining I couldn't get the procedure until my vision stabilized. Prior to visiting Dr. Sharpe I would visit several different offices in the area for a consultation & I can honestly say none of them compare to the clear, caring and accommodating staff I had the pleasure to meet at SharpeVision MODERN LASIK. The procedure was smooth and nearly pain free.. except the mild irritation a few hours after. Today I see 20/20 & drove myself for the check up and to to say thank you & deliver some chocolates to these wonderful people. Life changing experience. Would highly recommend"


"I had a wonderful experience starting from the very first day of my consultation to the day of my surgery! Informative and helpful staff, beautiful facility and quick and painless procedure! I would highly recommend SharpeVision MODERN LASIK to all of my friends! "


"My experience is a 10/10 recommend! Dr. Sharpe and the entire staff are accommodating, full of knowledge and answered all of my questions. The whole process from the consultation to the post-operation appointment have been smooth and helpful. The office is welcoming, warm and an overall great environment. Plus, there is free parking! Dr. Sharpe made the whole experience wonderful and worth it. Go see him for your LASIK needs!"


"I just want to say thanks to all the staff at SharpeVision for such an amazing experience from start to finish. I'm seeing in HD everyday now!! It was amazing to have this done. The lasik was so easy it took less than 10 sec on each eye not joking! I thought it was crazy at first, but when I went in the day of surgery I was in and out within 45 min. There was minimal dimness at first but you can see 20/20 or better that same day! I would recommend SharpeVision to anyone who is thinking about doing this. Best place and best staff hands down!! It's a life changing experience! Thanks Again"


"Taking the leap of faith and making the decision to invest in LASIK is no decision to take lightly. After hours of research and multiple consultations with various doctors, I finally made my decision to go with Sharpe. And I could not be happier that I did!! First and foremost, the entire staff is extremely professional, accommodating, engaged and knowledgeable. They addressed my every concern, were very punctual and created a very boutique, personalized experience. The office is extremely clean, modern and appointments always ran on time. Leaving your eyes up to someone you just met seemingly would be uncomfortable and a bit scary. Not the case at all! Dr. Sharpe could not have made me feel more comfortable throughout the entire process. He is an extremely genuine, kind-hearted and has just had a great presence. He walked me through every step, before during and after the procedure and ensured everything went smoothly. Not to mention he's highly acclaimed in the industry. The procedure was not painful at all, however recovery was rough for the first few days with light sensitivity, dry eye, etc. All very common. I'm now 4 weeks past my procedure and I can see 20/15! This is coming from a guy who used to be legally blind at 20/300 vision prior to the surgery. Literally could not be more grateful! If you are considering LASIK, I highly recommend Dr Sharpe and SharpeVision MODERN LASIK, it's the best decision I've ever made!"


"Taking the leap of faith and making the decision to invest in LASIK is no decision to take lightly. After hours of research and multiple consultations with various doctors, I finally made my decision to go with Sharpe. And I could not be happier that I did!! First and foremost, the entire staff is extremely professional, accommodating, engaged and knowledgeable. They addressed my every concern, were very punctual and created a very boutique, personalized experience. The office is extremely clean, modern and appointments always ran on time. Leaving your eyes up to someone you just met seemingly would be uncomfortable and a bit scary. Not the case at all! Dr. Sharpe could not have made me feel more comfortable throughout the entire process. He is an extremely genuine, kind-hearted and has just had a great presence. He walked me through every step, before during and after the procedure and ensured everything went smoothly. Not to mention he’s highly acclaimed in the industry. The procedure was not painful at all, however recovery was rough for the first few days with light sensitivity, dry eye, etc. All very common. I’m now 4 weeks past my procedure and I can see 20/15! This is coming from a guy who used to be legally blind at 20/300 vision prior to the surgery. Literally could not be more grateful! If you are considering LASIK, I highly recommend Dr Sharpe and SharpeVision MODERN LASIK, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!"


"I really loved Sharpe Vision. I looked around at a few places and ended up going with Sharpe Vision for the team’s professional and genuinely attentive demeanor and the efficiency at every appointment. I have really weird vision issues and was told I’d probably end up at 20/30 - but I ended up with 20/20 vision. Really happy with the results. 20/20 would recommend."


"My boyfriend got Lasik from Dr. Sharpe in his new Chicago office. My boyfriend had a great experience with Dr. Sharpe and even better results. While I'm in Seattle, I also wanted to see if I was a candidate for Lasik. After an hour and a half consultation (for free!) I was told I was not a good candidate because of an eye muscle issue. The technician and the doctor I saw were extremely patient with me while I asked questions and what my options were. I was told to wait to see what new Lasik technologies would develop. I am so sad that I was not able to be a patient of Dr. Sharpe's right now, but I hope to be in the future!"


"I had an exceptional experience each step of the way. Dr Sharpe and his staff are welcoming, informative and caring. My surgery went very well and I'm enjoying superb vision. I would highly recommend SharpeVision!"


"I would highly recommend Dr. Sharpe, he did a great job talking through each step as he went through the procedure, it was super fast too. He has done 60K procedures and is in the top 5% of Lasik surgeons in the country and I wanted to make sure I had the best for my eyes."