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Vision Correction Services

More than just LASIK, we have you covered no matter what is keeping you from clear vision.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Over 10 million people can now see clearly without glasses and contacts after having laser-vision-correction surgery. Join the revolution!

Implantable Contact Lenses

An ICL (Implantable contact lens) borrows from cataract surgery by putting a tiny lens inside the eye to help people who previously could not have refractive surgery due to high degrees of nearsightedness.

Monovision & Presbyopia Surgery

There is no way to reverse presbyopia, the result of normal aging that leaves most of us needing reading glasses. However, Monovision is an option to get back the best of both worlds! You can have good distance and near vision again, and we'll demonstrate this for you at your free comprehensive exam.

Cataract Removal

This is not your parents' cataract surgery: laser-assisted cataract extraction with multifocal intra-ocular lenses make it so there are no needles, no blades, and potentially NO glasses afterward.

Laser Floater Treatment

Most eye doctors are not aware that patients no longer have to “just get used to it” now that there is a new laser that can potentially completely eliminate bothersome floaters.

Eye Screenings

The most effective way of protecting your vision for the rest of your life is through an annual eye exam with your primary eye-care doctor.