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Missy Truscott

@IFBBMISSYTRUSCOTT YouTube: Missy Truscottt

How has your new vision impacted your life?

“Contacts are a huge hassle in everyday life for me. I work out for a living which means I sweat A LOT! I’m happy that I don’t have to worry about contacts and my eyes stinging. Now I can see clearly and appreciate the little things I didn’t see before.”

Day Job:

Professional Body Builder-Ms. Fitness Olympia 2020 & Arnold Classic Champion, Online Nutrition/Training Coach, Sponsored Athlete with Granite Supplements

Which procedure did you have and when?

LASIK: Seattle/Bellevue: 2021

What Are You Currently:


Harry Potter: Books 1-7

Listening to?



The Challenge

Where can we find you on the weekends?

At the gym, playing with my 3 mini dachshund, or hanging with my husband.

Fun Fact:

I went cage diving with great white sharks in Mexico. The females were approximately 20 feet in length! If you can imagine a school bus with teeth coming at you, that's what it's like in the cage!